Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bob McDonnell is a Schmuck

Not only is the Virginia governor a schmuck, but so are all his right wing cronies, since they control the state house in Richmond. He hasn't signed it yet, but he has an approved bill on his desk that will allow adoption agencies to discriminate against those seeking adoptions based on sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, age, disability or family status.

McDonnell hasn't signed it yet, most likely because he is in line for a vice presidential run with Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum, and doesn't want to ruin the GOP's chances in a general election even more. But that doesn't stop us all from seeing the guy's true colors first. He proposed this legislation and this is becoming commonplace in state houses across the country that are ruled by the right.

And it's disgusting.

Perfectly legal to DISCRIMINATE if someone is black, Jewish or gay? These guys are pining for the 19th century. Can slavery be far behind? Seriously.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Turning Back the Clock

Are you kidding me? The GOP presidential candidates are getting crazier and crazier as they move toward the right. Do you know what is at the far right? Racists, bigots, hate-mongers. They are white supremacists who do not like gays, women, African-Americans, Hispanics, poor, or senior citizens. As I heard radio host Mike Papantonio say recently, they may as well be the KKK without the hoods. Think about that. If you are a Republican, and you have to choose from this piss poor group of candidates, consider that you are aligning yourself with a racist or bigot in some form--something that is, sadly, condoned by the right wing media like Fox "news" and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck.

Trying to turn back the clock on women's rights by making birth control and abortions illegal? That's the latest attack on women being waged by the right--both by these candidates and by legislation being proposed at the federal level by Congress, and at the state level by right wing led state houses.

I'm getting more and more outraged by the day. This is sickening and I'm telling you people, each day that someone else like that Foster Friess guy says something stupid, it almost wipes out half the population that may vote for Rick Santorum. That's a good thing, but it still makes me sad--sad that the GOP continually tries to turn back the clock a few generations. Or maybe it's good that their true colors are shining through.