Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nervous About Voter Suppression

I'm going to come out and say it--the GOP is corrupt and they (allegedly wink wink) steal elections. They did it in 2000. I am not even speculating on that--it's pretty much fact. And while I do not have actual evidence, there sure were some weird things going on in 2011 with some special elections in Wisconsin--first with the Supreme Court election in April and then with at least one of the state senate recall elections in August. In those last two, Waukesha (very red Waukesha) County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus did some weird things--and after Joanne Kloppenberg won the Supreme Court seat by a small margin, Nickolaus "found" something like 10,000 votes for David Prosser a few days later and he was declared the winner. I'm still sick about it. Nickolaus is pals with Scott Walker too, as is Prosser. Do you follow me?

Nickolaus was told to sit out the historic recall election on June 5 but I read somewhere that she may be involved after all. Of course, how convenient. There is also all of the voter suppression tactics by the Koch Brothers and all the right wing nutbags and/or corporate interests. Robo-calls with wrong information, incorrect absentee ballot info for registered Democrats, photo ID laws.

It's why I'm nervous as hell about this election. I know that if it's fair and square, Tom Barrett has a great chance to upset Scott Walker and take the Governor's mansion away from Walker. But I am nervous about how much money is being spent by the right wing to brainwash voters. I am nervous about Kathy Nickolaus and how she might cheat and lie and give Walker enough votes to win. I am nervous because the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the same newspaper that made Walker's criminal John Doe investigation front page news, is endorsing the governor and saying the recall is petty and a waste of time and money.

It's so sickening. It's sickening because these morons can't play fair. They know they are wrong yet they are corrupted by big money and power grabbing. They know Walker is in trouble yet they protect him. They are nervous about the people power in Wisconsin and how it might actually protect what's left of our democracy, but I'm nervous about them not playing fair--and you can't tell me I'm wrong for feeling that way.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The GOP = Dangerous

I'm not stupid.  I know that there are enough people in our country that hate President Obama and perhaps the fact that he is not white.  I know there are a lot of people who do not like the fact that he is now in favor of same sex marriage.  And I know that he can easily lose the election in November to Mitt Romney.  However the GOP has to appeal to their base and maybe a lot of independents, they will do so--using their social issues as a weapon in garnering votes against Obama.  But let me say this as clearly as I can--the GOP is dangerous.  If we allow them to take over the White House, and/or the senate, and allow them to keep the House......well, you conservatives who don't know any better don't realize how dangerous this will be. 

Do you like democracy?  Do you expect your government to protect you, to protect the environment around you and the food you eat?  Do you expect government to protect your pension and life savings against harmful Wall Street speculation and betting?  Do you want safe highways and bridges?  Do you want your kids to get a decent education without having them home-schooled or sent to an expensive private institution?  Do you want health care that won't put you $50K or more in debt if you need surgery?  Do you want your social security protected?  Do you want the freedom to choose contraception if you do not want to bring a child into the world?  Do you want the top 1% in this country to pay the same tax rate as you?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you should vote for Obama. 

If you want more tax money to go to the rich in the hopes that it trickles down to everyone else, magically creating jobs, you'll vote for Romney.  If you want a white president who does not believe in same sex marriage, you will vote for Romney.  If you want probes in the vaginas of women who want a safe abortion, you'll vote for Romney.  If you want more wars, and want your children to be sent off to war that may be unnecessary, you will vote for Romney.  If you want student loan rates to skyrocket, you'll vote for Romney.  If you want your mom or dad to be given a voucher for health care, one that may pay for a fraction of their overall annual health care costs, you will vote for Romney.  If you want a bridge that you or your kids drive over to fall and and crumble, you'll vote for Romney.  If you favor 60 kids per classroom and teachers to earn half of what they do now, you will vote for Romney.  If you want the rich to keep buying elections and stay in power, turning our country into one in which there are small gated communities for them, and bread lines for everyone else, you will vote for Romney.  If you want Wall Street to wildly gamble and expect you to bail them out, you will vote for Romney.

Romney would be George Bush exponentially.  Obama has not "made the economy worse" as Romney likes to say.  He has created private section jobs each month for over two years now.  He has "regulated" less than Bush.  He has cut more government jobs than Bush.  When Romney argues this stuff, he is simply full of shit. 

Prosperity.  Liberty.  Freedom.  Family Values.  Those are all the GOP talking point buzzwords.  And it's all bullshit.  It's all a front for taking away your democracy.  And if you don't see what is happening here, you are dreaming.