Friday, June 8, 2012

From Madison--Down but Not Out

So we lost a key election this past Tuesday when sitting governor Scott Walker beat Tom Barrett's challenge and will finish out his term. I'm not going to sugar coat this--it sucks. Walker has pushed the template radical right wing agenda set forth by ALEC, the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and much of the Republican party--that is, voter suppression, union busting, environmental leniency, anti-abortion legislation, unequal pay for women and more. And of course, more tax cuts for the rich and for corporations. They want to limit union power to the point where only they have the top donors to fund elections. They also own the media (Fox news, and various newspapers), and they are on a dangerous course of money-grabbing power being the end-all, be-all in this world. long as there isn't a cheat-filled recount in the one senate race we Dems won this past Tuesday in Wisconsin, we now have a majority in the senate. That means Walker can't ram his awful bills through. We also now have the benefit of an uprising in this country--led by a sleeping giant of liberals, progressives and much of the 99%, and we are turning our focus to make sure President Obama is not just re-elected, but that he is able to gain a majority in the House. Right now, Congress is stopping every one of Obama's job growth plans, and trying to crash the economy on purpose for political gain. I'm not making that up, it's a fact. And Dems need to ram that point home to their base, to moderates and swing voters, and even Republicans who have been too complacent or brainwashed by a post-Citizens United onslaught of money-driven attack ads aimed at the left.

The ground game not only needs to be employed, it needs to be more than a ground game. It needs to be an American Revolution, led by all of us who want to take our country back from the corporate greed and money-fueled government we now have.

So yeah, we were hit hard here in Madison on Tuesday, but we're gradually getting up off the ground.

We are ready to fight.

Are you with me?