Saturday, September 28, 2013

Time for Obama to invoke his big foam middle finger

I'm sorry folks.  President Obama has compromised enough during his term(s).  He first did it with the Bush tax cut extension, and has continually given the GOP some of what they want in order to have what should be status quo at least, or moving the country forward at best.  And now the Republicans have issued what they say is their list of demands in exchange for raising the debt limit in a few weeks. Or I should say, the Tea Party has done that.  Or I should say, Charles and David Koch have pulled Ted Cruz' and Mike Lee's puppet strings to do that.

One of my favorite bloggers, the Rude Pundit, put this so eloquently yesterday when he said, "It's the whole thing. In other words, it's calling on Obama to surrender his presidency to the Tea Party."

So yeah, it would basically be Obama saying "screw my party's platform, I'm going to institute the GOP's 2012 platform, which was soundly defeated in the last election."  It would be preposterous if it wasn't so sad.

But I think it's time Obama stopped being nice once and for all.  He has shown signs of being a badass, like when he had Susan Rice's back when he was considering her for Secretary of State.  And yesterday he kind of showed that again, repeating that he won't negotiate on raising the debt ceiling in order to pay our bills that Congress has racked up.

Democrats in Congress say it should be a clean bill, as it's been many many times before with no political concessions or grandstanding.  But Obama has said he won't invoke the 14th amendment, which says basically that the president has the power to raise the debt limit without the approval of Congress.  And I agree with Nancy Pelosi in that he needs to do it.  Maybe he's waiting to see if the GOP shows some sense and retracts most of their demands....but really, he shouldn't agree to a single one of them.

No, it's time for Obama to take out the big foam middle finger you know he has in his closet, and set the Tea Party on fire.  It's time for him to just be a douchebag the way they are.

PS: and it sure shows a stark contrast, doesn't it, that Obama is making peace with Iran while Cruz is reading Doctor Seuss on the senate floor?