Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Holding Republicans Accountable

I'm getting awful tired of Frank Luntz talking points coming from the GOP.  If you listen to what Republican legislators, pundits and activists are saying, it's all the same garbage.  It's a series of talking points that they were briefed on.  But you know what?  The left is starting to hold them accountable, and starting to ask them to elaborate on their own policies, because right now they don't have any.  (Well, they do, but they don't want the majority of Americans to know what they are....and we'll get to that in a minute).  Yesterday President Obama made light of this when talking to students in North Carolina, by saying he didn't need to be briefed with talking points and strategy before making his speech. Zing! 

But the GOP strategy now is to just say "Barack Obama has ruined the economy and his policies have failed the American people, blah blah blah."  But it's a lie.  24 months of private sector job growth is not failure.  Saving GM from bankruptcy is not failure (you know, the company Mitt Romney wanted to let crumble).  Killing the number one terrorist in the world, the one responsible for 9/11, is not failure. 

And the president has done all he can considering the ridiculous obstruction from Republicans in Congress.  Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell says his number one goal is to not allow Obama to have a second term, but he and his cohorts seem hell bent on trying to crash the economy on purpose to achieve that end.  And when Obama puts a productive jobs bill on the table, one that will rebuild crumbling bridges and highways and put even more Americans back to work, it stalls.  And that hurts Americans and stalls further growth.

So the right wing cannot combat this with facts.  They can only distort the truth, and spew negativity toward the president.  And lucky for them, they have their own media outlets that they own in order to spread their lies. 

But it's time to ask them what their plan is, and what their policies are.  Instead of talking about what he will do to rebuild the economy and get more people back to work, Romney only says that you should trust him, and that Obama has failed.  Really dude?  We need to ask him for specifics, and we need to keep doing that.  And by the way, why the hell do you keep changing your mind and try to yes-yes-yes everyone you think might vote for you.  Get a spine, dude.  (and by the way, be gracious when someone puts a plate of cookies in front of you).  We need to ask John Boehner what he plans on doing.  And McConnell.  And Eric Cantor.  And Paul Ryan.  Those guys need to stop bashing the president, and instead need to tell us what they are going to do better. 

Oh, we already know the answer to that.  More tax breaks for the wealthy.  We've already tried that and it FAILED.  There is that word, Republicans.  Trickle down is FAILED POLICY.  The Bush tax cuts are FAILED POLICY.  But instead, they want to keep going down that road, and gouge the middle class and the poor in the process.  It's sad, and it's annoying, and people are standing up to it.  72% of Americans like the Buffett rule, yet it wins a majority vote in the Senate, and McConnell kills it with a filibuster. We need to ask him WHY.  Why are you killing something that the American people want? 

Look in the mirror, Republicans.  You are walking, talking failed policy.  And we're not going to let you steal our democracy. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Double Standard BS

So Ted Nugent talks about chopping heads off, and if Obama is re-elected he will be in jail or dead at this time next year.

Foster Friess makes an ill-advised comment about hoping Obama's teleprompter is bulletproof....clearly he didn't mean that literally and he caught himself by saying just that...but seriously?  Remember, this is the guy with the "women put aspirin between their knees" in "his day" as birth control.  He's a right wing nut-bag just like Nugent. 

These guys make comments like this all day (and Fox "News" spews hatred and venom toward the president and the left all day), and continue to get away with it.  What's worse, their presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, just brushes these things off.  And he happily accepts Nugent's "endorsement" as a candidate.  Really dude?

I guarantee if anyone on the left made similar comments, these righties would be going crazy.  And personally I think we lefties should be going crazier than we are.

I'm also sick and tired of the filibustering in the senate--on Monday Mitch McConnell used it again to essentially veto the Buffett Rule, even though it had the votes to pass.  And even though the American people are 72% in favor of it.  Are you kidding me? 

And then him and Boehner and the rest of these dumbasses ramble on about Obama's "failed policies."  Yeah, and there have been something like 24 straight months of private sector job growth.  Take that failed policy and stick it where the sun don't shine, GOP. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Few Random Thoughts

First, how the hell can the GOP claim there is no "war" on women?  And then degrade the fact even more by comparing women to caterpillars?  Are you guys kidding me?  I know you are not, and that is frankly quite scary. 

Speaking of scary, WI governor Scott Walker did something the other day that almost went unnoticed.  He repealed a law in Wisconsin that was intended to not discriminate against women for equal pay.  Repealed.  And then he and his crooked Republicans in the state senate and assembly said things like, "Men are more likely going to be the family breadwinner"...I'm not using a direct quote but I know state senator and big douche Glenn Grothman said something to that effect.

And hey, corporations affiliated with ALEC are finally jumping ship.  Pepsi did a few months ago, and now Coke, Intuit and Kraft Foods have followed suit.  They can say all they want about being non-partisan, but that's a load of crap.  ALEC is responsible for pretty much a large chunk of evil in this country--voter suppression, lenient gun laws, education privatization, union busting, and the war on women (yes, there it is again!) among others.  People exposing them such as the awesome Center for Media and Democracy should keep the pressure on, as should all of you who appreciate freedom (real freedom, not the fake kind the GOP blabbers on about) and democracy.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Coming Into Focus

With each passing day this spring, it appears President Obama will square off against Mitt Romney in the general election in November. And it appears Obama is licking his chops, teeing up the ball high and getting out his best driver to crush the ball down the fairway.

You want to support Paul Ryan's radical, Medicare-killing budget, Mr. Romney? Good. Obama is now calling you out, because every time you say you are trying to save the middle class, your nose grows about a quarter of an inch, and you'll have a full-on Pinocchio thing going by November. Obama is genuinely trying to save the American middle class, while you and your party are all about the 1%, and America is becoming more aware of that by the day.

And the best part? Obama is going after Romney by name, chiding him for calling the budget "marvelous," and saying that it's weird for anyone to call a budget marvelous. Then he laughed and paused, before saying something like, "it's weird these days to use the word 'marvelous.'" Ha!

The GOP can babble all they want with their Frank Luntz talking points. Obama is armed with facts about his record, facts about the Ryan/Romney budget and how it won't work, and facts about how he plans to save the middle class if he gets another four years in office.