Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Threaten, Schmeaten

I keep hearing about how those of us circulating recall petitions for Scott Walker are being threatened by right win bullies. Seriously. These thugs are calling some high profile lefties with death threats by phone in the middle of the night, threatening those with petitions for Black Friday shoppers with guns, threatening with words on social media, and just doing what they do best--being bungholes. They know they can't win this fight. We have people power and as Mike Tate, head of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin said on The Ed Show Monday night, we have real democracy and the truth in our collective back pocket. No amount of Koch bucks that pay for attack ads and fund threats (yeah, I said it) can beat people power. We are too strong and we are going to win this fight. So threaten away, bungholes. Because you and the 1%, and also the minions who blindly follow you in pursuit of who-knows-what, are gonna lose this time. This is our Super Bowl, and with the 300,000 signatures (valid ones, not ones that your people collected and burned, Kochs) being collected so far, we're well on our way of the ultimate goal of 1 million.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Like It or Not, This is War

The right wing has figuratively declared war on the left, and as the right becomes more radical, they are becoming angrier and more belligerent, and crying and whining if they can't continue to funnel money to the top 1% who fund their elections.  But it's not just the lawmakers.  It's their idiot followers, and the mainstream media which is owned by right wing interests, it's the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove and Grover Norquist. 

How else do you explain the fact that they support Herman Cain as a potential commander-in-chief, when he knows less about foreign policy than my four-year old son?  Or that they think the alleged sexual harassment cases against Cain are fabricated, but annihilate Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner for what they did?  Or that a freshman congressman like Joe Walsh can preach "fiscal responsibility" while being delinquent on his child support payments? 

And of course, now city leaders are colluding to drive the Occupy movements out, resorting to police brutality.  Imagine if police had done this at Tea Party rallies.  Just imagine that, and imagine how they would discuss that on Fox News.

In Wisconsin, we are now able to collect signatures to recall Governor Scott Walker.  Click here, by the way, to download a petition.   But right wing scare tactics and dirty tricks are being employed once again--the United Wisconsin website was hacked yesterday after they launched earlier in the day to spearhead the recall efforts.  Folks are planning to gather signatures and burn the petitions.  Read more about that on the awesome Brad Blog

I try every time I post a blog here, I start out thinking I'm going to write calmly and stick to the facts.  But it's hard to do that when the other side plays so dirty and continues to try and rig the game and rig the system and rig the way we live our lives.  It won't happen for much longer, folks.  We are fed up and we're not going to take it anymore.  Somehow, some way, justice will prevail, and we will get back to having the country our founding fathers wished for us--a true democracy. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BIG Victory in Ohio

I was among those who snickered a few months back when Ohio Governor John Kasich claimed that he wanted to return to the bargaining table with unions, rather than put SB5 up for a vote.  Nevermind that making it "Issue 2" on the ballot to repeal "SB5" is confusing and that the right wing exercised more voter suppression tactics with their, ahem, criminal measures with robo calls.  Seriously, they had a call that told people yesterday to vote "tomorrow".....what these bastards won't do.  It's surely amazing.  

But not nearly as amazing as the fact that SB5 was repealed by about a 2 to 1 margin, and unions will not be stripped of their collective bargaining rights in Ohio.  This is recognized as a national victory, as it means the left is tired of the radical right agenda and is pushing back--big time.  The Occupy movements are doing the same.  I will also be doing something to hit these bastards where it hurts--by closing our bank accounts in favor of a local UW credit union.  I'm going to find another insurance company that isn't State Farm, because they are big players in the ALEC radical agenda.  This is how we're going to take our country back, people, one day at a time, but in yesterday's case the day was a big one.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Legendary Pushback

Fighting back is something that is happening every day now. We've seen the banks and Wall Street steal our money, we've seen the mortgage companies do the same with regard to Wall Street, and we've seen lawmakers who are bought by the wealthy and corporations literally passing legislation that squeezes the middle and lower class even more, in order to give more tax breaks to the "job creators."

Of course people are pissed. We've been pissed for a while but now that we've seen Congress in gridlock simply because the Republicans want to see President Obama fail, we realize his jobs act won't ever pass. We also realize that state governments are corrupt and passing legislation almost daily that sticks it up the collective ass of the middle class (no rhyme intended but hey!)--in particular making it hard or impossible for likely democrats to vote at all. Those state houses are influenced by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which is (surprise surprise) funded by the GOP-friendly Koch Brothers and corporations like State Farm.

So yeah, people are freaking pissed and are getting more and more ornery by the day. That's why there are huge swells of occupation in cities across the country; it's why folks are taking their money out of banks; and it's why folks like me are planning to switch from State Farm to a more progressive (hint hint) insurance company. If we can't get them to change policies, we'll get them where it matters even more--in their motherf--king wallets.

The change is happening, people. Look around, get involved, and together we can take back what is rightfully ours.