Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Of Breaking Silence and Cheating and Lying GOP

Folks, I apologize for taking so long between posts. Losing the recall election kind of took a lot out of my political soul, but as we gear up for the presidential election in less than 90 days, I want my voice to be heard a bit.

We have Romney and Ryan--the most radical right wing ticket in history. They want to roll back women's rights about 60 years and funnel as much money as they can from the middle and lower classes up to the uber wealthy. The trickle down theory started with Ronald Reagan, continued with George W. Bush, and would pick up again on steroids if Romney and Ryan get in to the White House.

I'm not sure you people realize just how frightening that is.

You know what else? The NRA has a stranglehold on Washington, and I mean both parties. Are the politicians afraid of being shot if they veer? Seriously. But shootings and mass murders in churches, movie theaters and schools keeps happening. Republicans want everyone to be armed and the NRA is pushing pushing pushing for that. I don't want my kid growing up in that sort of country, do you?

But I digress. I'm tired of a few things the GOP is doing. First of all, they get their talking points and they're off to the races. Since their whole party and philosophy is built on funneling money from the bottom to the top, they have to craft policies around lies and deception. And they are smart cookies. They have their Frank Luntz talking points like "Obama stole $700 billion from YOU to fund Obamacare." Are you fucking kidding me? He is taking money that would otherwise go in the pockets of insurance companies and giving it back to the people who overpaid for prescriptions and health care. He is trying to save Medicare, not privatize or kill it. But you've got Romney and Ryan and that douchebag Reince Priebus saying Obama has "blood on his hands." And they just keep snowballing their lies.

But here is the problem. Those lies are a house of cards. The American people are smarter than that, which is why you have them shouting at Paul Ryan at public events in which he's not in the comfy confines of Fox News. People are angry that these guys want to take what Obama and the Dems in Congress worked so hard for--affordable health care for all---and they want to take it away and replace it with vouchers. And when they are asked to expound on this stuff, they lie and talk in circles some more. I'm not kidding.

But when you control the media and prey on people who don't know better (they are trying to dumb everyone down by slashing education too), you can get away with this shit. And when you realize that the American people are firmly with Obama, because they want Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security saved; because they want equal pay for women and same sex marriage; because they want the US Postal Service saved from a right wing conspiracy to kill it; because they want birth control to be legal and because they don't want to go to Mexico for abortions; because, like me, they don't want to worry about losing coverage for my bad back or losing coverage for my autistic son to get the services he desperately needs; because they want a thriving middle class again--need I go on? When they realize that, they resort to suppressing the vote, an epidemic of cheating that may swing the election their way and once they kill all the unions off, we become a de facto communist country with a front that looks like democracy.

Is that what you want?

Is that what you want for your children?

I'm scared with this Paul Ryan choice, and you should be too. But the election choices are clear.

Do you stand with the middle class and true American values, or do you stand with the racist and pathological liars and criminals? The choice is yours.