Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lies, Hypocrisy and a Democracy in Peril

The GOP shifts farther and farther right these days, with social and fiscal policies that harken back to the days when blacks rode the backs of buses, and women were fighting for equal rights. Oh, and as gay rights have also come a long way, they are also in a one-step-forward-two steps-back situation as the frontrunners for the Republican presidential nomination either can't stand gays (Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich) or have contributed a lot of money to a "pray away the gay" organization (Mitt Romney).

But those things are just part of the picture that is painted with lies, hypocrisy and an attack on democracy that is being put up for sale by a GOP serving Tea laced with poison.

The lies? The likes of Romney and Karl Rove are not above lying to America--and they did so last week when they misquoted Bill Clinton by taking his words out of context, conveniently pulling words out of a quote from a 17-minute documentary put together by the Obama/Biden campaign. They were trying to say that Obama was egotistically taking credit for something any president would have done.

Hypocrisy? Look no further than Romney, who flip-flops and changes his mind as if he's using anEtch-a-sketch (his aide used that term!) on almost every issue. But also look at Santorum, who goes far out of his way to protect a fetus but once that fetus is born, and especially if that fetus becomes a woman, we need to deny them of contraception, even if it's something prescribed for a health issue or condition other than pregnancy. And why is Santorum and Romney and Michelle Bachmann, for that matter, so hell bent on overturning Obamacare? Because it's Obama's policy, that's why. The individual mandate is and was a Republican idea at the start. That's hypocrisy in its truest sense.

Attack on democracy? It's everywhere, and while we won't have a ruling on Obamacare until June, most believe it will be shot down by a 5-4 conservative Supreme Court. And it may even be totally wiped out rather than to have some of it survive without the mandate. Remember that this court gave us Bush v. Gore, and Citizens United, and you see that this court undermines our democracy, because in cases like this it votes on party lines. That's sad. But I have a proposal. We should add one justice to the Supreme Court, and then if they wind up in a tie in a situation like this, the decision is put up to a vote by the American people.

There is so much more I can say, but really, I'm so fed up with the GOP and especially the tea party. I'm fed up with their lies, their hatred, their racial slurs, their policies that cater to the rich at the expense of everyone else, and their blatant disregard for American principles, while trying to hide behind words like "liberty," "freedom," and "prosperity." And as money pours in to right wing causes and candidates courtesy of Citizens United, these right wingers who liken President Obama to a socialist are the ones driving our country toward something worse--an oligarchy, and a step away from communism.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The South is Frightening

If you haven't heard by now or seen this video by award-winning filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi (yes, Nancy Pelosi's daughter) that she made for Real Time with Bill Maher, you need to see it. Sure, she chose to interview folks who would help driver her point home, but since I lived in the south for 8 years, I can tell you that the ones who were interviewed were not being shown in any exaggerated form. This is how much of the south is. They still think there is a Civil War going on, or that there will be one and that they will win it this time. They also are extremely, and frighteningly conservative. That's why the uber conservative Rick Santorum won Alabama and Mississippi yesterday.

These folks do not like Obama, and one of Pelosi's subjects called Obamacare "retarded." I bet he doesn't even know how Obamacare works or that it is in place to help folks like him. But what really scares me is the guy who said he would rather the economy tank than so long as his religious beliefs were intact. Wow.

Of course, the GOP feeds off these low-information voters. Those who know the least are more likely to vote for them, while most of the more educated know better (oh wait, those with college degrees are snobs, according to Rick Santorum, he of the multiple college degrees). Anyway, here is Pelosi's video. You can draw your own conclusions.....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's All So Insulting

It's bad enough that Rush Limbaugh has been spewing his right wing propaganda for so long, and he crossed the line for three days last week when insulting Sandra Fluke--who, mind you, is not a public figure. Or at least, she wasn't a public figure until now. But what's more insulting is that the likes of Fox News and the GOP presidential candidates are supporting Limbaugh, or at least not denouncing what he said as being awful.

Especially Rick Santorum, Mr. Family Values guy. Santorum brushes it off as Limbaugh being an entertainer. Really, douchebag? So it's okay for someone to commit rape, because they are giving the victim a "gift" of life. And it's okay for Limbaugh to say vile and disgusting things about a woman. But it's not okay for the average person to use contraception, because it's a license to have sex? What planet is this guy on? And of course, the right wing women who support the likes of Santorum, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are either brainwashed, conservative Christian, paid to say things, or all of the above.

It also insults me to know how much these GOP candidates are throwing President Obama under the bus. The senate filibusters every single good idea Obama has and then says his failed policies are responsible for the bad economy, which by the way is getting better in spite of their attempts at sabotage. So while most Americans want answers to the question, "Where are the jobs?" these guys keep brushing it under the rug and instead bringing in crazy topics like birth control and vaginal probes to all women who want an abortion.

Of course, their answer to create jobs is always to lower taxes on the rich, who will then create jobs magically. It's also important to lower governmental regulations, right GOP? That has to be done in order for businesses to have more money to hire people, right GOP? Of course, if a few people die because a few batches of bad meat got through a plant that had less regulation from the FDA, that's okay, right GOP? Unless of course, the bad meat was somehow killing unborn babies. That would be bad, right GOP?

You douchebags are all so insulting, and lately you've gone so far to the right that you're pissing off 90% of the voting public. Oh, but're trying to suppress the vote too, so that less people who lean democratic have a chance to cast their vote.

I know I know people who are conservative. And some of them are my friends or family members. But I have no idea how anyone can rightfully support these radical right wing crazies that are running for the highest office in the country. It's just so damn insulting.