Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Now What, GOP?

Now that Donald Trump's debate never happened, and with only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on the Virginia ballot, and with Fox News not knowing who to pimp now that they have gone through each candidate they found favorable as a flavor of the month, only to be left standing there dumbfounded, I ask this--now what, GOP?

Are you going to send Mitt Romney against Obama? We know you all hate him.

Are you going to send crazy man Ron Paul against Obama? You all think he's crazy, don't you?

Are you going to allow gay-bashing Rick Santorum against Obama? Rachel Maddow commented last night that she just knows the Santorum bubble on Fox is about to happen.

Regardless, you are in a losing situation here. None of those guys has a prayer in 2012 and I think you know that by now. Furthermore, one ray of hope you had--voter suppression--is being met with a hammer by US attorney general Eric Holder.

So while we on the left will not take anything for granted, we like our chances right now putting Obama against whoever you do. Now, if we can win back the House, maybe we can actually forge some change instead of having you guys block everything. But that's for another post on another day.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We Know Who Is to Blame

It's comical watching the GOP in action these days. They do everything possible to try and pin blame on President Obama, in particular the Tea Party contingent. So the Senate passes the payroll cut tax extension for 2 months, and House Speaker John Boehner agrees to it, only to have his caucus work him over and force him to say they now want a full year extension...knowing full well it will not pass, hence trying to tell the American people that it's Obama's fault.


So 60 million Americans have to fork over a grand in 2012 because of these douchebags, who continue to only look out for the uber-wealthy instead of everyone else.

Thankfully, we are all seeing through this crap now and Obama is re-itering that to all of us too. Boehner and the GOP, meanwhile, are being exposed more and faster, and it's high time that more of them get voted out so we can right the ship that is our nation's economy, in 2012 and beyond.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Quick, what's the first thing that pops into your head when someone says "Newt Gingrich?" Some version of this smug man saying or doing something offensive, that's what. And it's comical that Newt claims he's going to run a "positive" campaign in an effort to earn the Republican presidential nominee in 2012. Positive by what standards? The guy is a ticking time bomb, because he just can't help himself--he's a douche. And you can't take the douche out of the Newt, no matter how hard you try.

So just watch. Newt will either have his bid go up in flames in epic fashion, or he will lose badly in a general election to President Obama. Still, just think about what those debates might be like--the even keeled, well-spoken, and good intentioned Obama against the volatile, scummy, bad-intentioned Newt. And yes, I said scummy. And yes, I meant it. And yes, he IS scummy--just ask his sister or his first two wives or Mitt Romney or Nancy Pelosi.

Frankly I don't see it happening. I think Mitt will still get the nod somehow, and if it's not Mitt, it will be Chris Christie, no matter how many times he can hold press conferences to state the contrary.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GOP is Scared

For those of you who wondered why the heck nobody was doing anything about the fact that the 1% are trying to rob the 99% of everything, you now have your answer--they needed to be pushed to the brink of losing everything before swinging like a punch-drunk fighter. It's kind of the spirit of this blog, and it's the spirit of the Occupy movements everywhere. And the best part? The GOP is scared. The Republican presidential nominees are all spewing nonsense about needing showers and jobs, when their party is part of the reason those people need jobs in the first place.

I also snickered at Frank Luntz' admission that he was afraid of the movement. He knows, as this article mentions, that it is a way for him to strike fear in GOP governors and high-ranking officials, and to make money by advising them. The thing is, though, he and they should be scared, for real. Because this movement is spreading and growing tentacles on top of tentacles, and it's not going to stop until the big banks and fraudulent lobbyists and congressmen admit that they have screwed everyone for the past three decades.

We are arming ourselves with knowledge, and more than anything, we have the power of far more people than money and/or the Tea Party can ever buy to organize. So be afraid, GOP. Be very afraid.