Thursday, January 12, 2012

Money Money Money Money...Money....and More Money

Citizens United has fast-tracked the destruction of our country, but there is time to stop it from doing so. The fact the the Koch Brothers and other corporations and the top one percent can funnel money into right wing causes and use the GOP as a collective puppet show at the expense of everything else is just insane--and stupid. I can guarantee you that all of our founding fathers are turning over in their graves, because this is not how they intended it to be. Trickle down, schmickle down.

The good news is that finally the 99 percent is waking up and fighting against money grubbing politicians and their puppet-string-holding old greedy bastards. But those who say the problem is money in politics, including Michael Moore, Cenk Uygar, Bernie Sanders, and even Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer are all correct. And even President Obama and most of the democratic party is guilty of this too. I'm guessing this is the reason Sanders is an independent.

But if money were to be taken out of this, and we eventually got back to the one-person, one-vote situation (because no, it's NOT like that now), we could take back our country.

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