Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The South is Frightening

If you haven't heard by now or seen this video by award-winning filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi (yes, Nancy Pelosi's daughter) that she made for Real Time with Bill Maher, you need to see it. Sure, she chose to interview folks who would help driver her point home, but since I lived in the south for 8 years, I can tell you that the ones who were interviewed were not being shown in any exaggerated form. This is how much of the south is. They still think there is a Civil War going on, or that there will be one and that they will win it this time. They also are extremely, and frighteningly conservative. That's why the uber conservative Rick Santorum won Alabama and Mississippi yesterday.

These folks do not like Obama, and one of Pelosi's subjects called Obamacare "retarded." I bet he doesn't even know how Obamacare works or that it is in place to help folks like him. But what really scares me is the guy who said he would rather the economy tank than so long as his religious beliefs were intact. Wow.

Of course, the GOP feeds off these low-information voters. Those who know the least are more likely to vote for them, while most of the more educated know better (oh wait, those with college degrees are snobs, according to Rick Santorum, he of the multiple college degrees). Anyway, here is Pelosi's video. You can draw your own conclusions.....

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