Sunday, January 20, 2013

They're Comin' Fer Yer Guhns!

Yeah, that's the party line on the right.  The big bad government is coming for your guns, and they will confiscate them, denying you of your second amendment right to bear arms.  All because President Obama and Vice President Biden came up with a laundry list of common sense reforms to our gun policies in this country.  They want to limit the sale of high capacity ammunition devices.  They want to ban military style weapons like the one used in Newtown to kill all of those innocent little kids and teachers. They want to put more money into mental health research and facilities and most importantly, they want background checks on every gun sale.  They are NOT trying to chip away at gun ownership in order to someday confiscate every gun, making it harder for the people to rebel against an oppressive government.  That's so absurd a claim that it's not even worthy of me commenting on it.

The key phrase: common sense. 

They are trying to make it more difficult for events like Newtown, the Oregon shopping mall, the Colorado movie theater, the place of worship in Wisconsin, the Columbine and Virginia Techs from happening again. 

And what do they get?  The right wing comparing Obama to dictators and evil men like Hitler and Stalin.  The NRA saying Obama is a hypocrite because his kids have armed protection and your kids don't.  The NRA ginning up fear in order to sell more guns, and politicians (some lefties included) siding with the NRA because they are afraid of them.

I haven't looked at the numbers as of today, but I know this--the American people are largely on the side of Obama and Biden here. 

You know who gets an "A" rating from me in Douchebaggery?  Senator Rand Paul.  That motherf--ker and some of his cohorts like Louie Gomert and Steve Stockman are saying Obama should be impeached.  Impeached for trying to make America safer?  Are you freaking kidding me? 

Here is the bottom line, folks.  The right does not want Obama to succeed.  At anything.  They do not care if our economy sucks, that our schools are not safe, that our air and water and food are safe, that our planet is inching closer to being wiped off the universe map by climate change....and I could go on and on.

I know that part of this is that the Republicans want to get at Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and try to privatize them (i.e. make a profit for their pals who fund their elections), which is why they keep yammering on about spending cuts.  Nevermind that George W. Bush got us so far into debt that we had a recession bordering on depression. 

But I think it goes deeper.  I think they are racists who do not want an African American president to succeed one bit.  They truly are, as I heard a lefty radio host say, the KKK without the hoods.

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