Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Threaten, Schmeaten

I keep hearing about how those of us circulating recall petitions for Scott Walker are being threatened by right win bullies. Seriously. These thugs are calling some high profile lefties with death threats by phone in the middle of the night, threatening those with petitions for Black Friday shoppers with guns, threatening with words on social media, and just doing what they do best--being bungholes. They know they can't win this fight. We have people power and as Mike Tate, head of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin said on The Ed Show Monday night, we have real democracy and the truth in our collective back pocket. No amount of Koch bucks that pay for attack ads and fund threats (yeah, I said it) can beat people power. We are too strong and we are going to win this fight. So threaten away, bungholes. Because you and the 1%, and also the minions who blindly follow you in pursuit of who-knows-what, are gonna lose this time. This is our Super Bowl, and with the 300,000 signatures (valid ones, not ones that your people collected and burned, Kochs) being collected so far, we're well on our way of the ultimate goal of 1 million.

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