Wednesday, November 9, 2011

BIG Victory in Ohio

I was among those who snickered a few months back when Ohio Governor John Kasich claimed that he wanted to return to the bargaining table with unions, rather than put SB5 up for a vote.  Nevermind that making it "Issue 2" on the ballot to repeal "SB5" is confusing and that the right wing exercised more voter suppression tactics with their, ahem, criminal measures with robo calls.  Seriously, they had a call that told people yesterday to vote "tomorrow".....what these bastards won't do.  It's surely amazing.  

But not nearly as amazing as the fact that SB5 was repealed by about a 2 to 1 margin, and unions will not be stripped of their collective bargaining rights in Ohio.  This is recognized as a national victory, as it means the left is tired of the radical right agenda and is pushing back--big time.  The Occupy movements are doing the same.  I will also be doing something to hit these bastards where it hurts--by closing our bank accounts in favor of a local UW credit union.  I'm going to find another insurance company that isn't State Farm, because they are big players in the ALEC radical agenda.  This is how we're going to take our country back, people, one day at a time, but in yesterday's case the day was a big one.

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