Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GOP is Scared

For those of you who wondered why the heck nobody was doing anything about the fact that the 1% are trying to rob the 99% of everything, you now have your answer--they needed to be pushed to the brink of losing everything before swinging like a punch-drunk fighter. It's kind of the spirit of this blog, and it's the spirit of the Occupy movements everywhere. And the best part? The GOP is scared. The Republican presidential nominees are all spewing nonsense about needing showers and jobs, when their party is part of the reason those people need jobs in the first place.

I also snickered at Frank Luntz' admission that he was afraid of the movement. He knows, as this article mentions, that it is a way for him to strike fear in GOP governors and high-ranking officials, and to make money by advising them. The thing is, though, he and they should be scared, for real. Because this movement is spreading and growing tentacles on top of tentacles, and it's not going to stop until the big banks and fraudulent lobbyists and congressmen admit that they have screwed everyone for the past three decades.

We are arming ourselves with knowledge, and more than anything, we have the power of far more people than money and/or the Tea Party can ever buy to organize. So be afraid, GOP. Be very afraid.

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