Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We Know Who Is to Blame

It's comical watching the GOP in action these days. They do everything possible to try and pin blame on President Obama, in particular the Tea Party contingent. So the Senate passes the payroll cut tax extension for 2 months, and House Speaker John Boehner agrees to it, only to have his caucus work him over and force him to say they now want a full year extension...knowing full well it will not pass, hence trying to tell the American people that it's Obama's fault.


So 60 million Americans have to fork over a grand in 2012 because of these douchebags, who continue to only look out for the uber-wealthy instead of everyone else.

Thankfully, we are all seeing through this crap now and Obama is re-itering that to all of us too. Boehner and the GOP, meanwhile, are being exposed more and faster, and it's high time that more of them get voted out so we can right the ship that is our nation's economy, in 2012 and beyond.

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