Monday, April 9, 2012

A Few Random Thoughts

First, how the hell can the GOP claim there is no "war" on women?  And then degrade the fact even more by comparing women to caterpillars?  Are you guys kidding me?  I know you are not, and that is frankly quite scary. 

Speaking of scary, WI governor Scott Walker did something the other day that almost went unnoticed.  He repealed a law in Wisconsin that was intended to not discriminate against women for equal pay.  Repealed.  And then he and his crooked Republicans in the state senate and assembly said things like, "Men are more likely going to be the family breadwinner"...I'm not using a direct quote but I know state senator and big douche Glenn Grothman said something to that effect.

And hey, corporations affiliated with ALEC are finally jumping ship.  Pepsi did a few months ago, and now Coke, Intuit and Kraft Foods have followed suit.  They can say all they want about being non-partisan, but that's a load of crap.  ALEC is responsible for pretty much a large chunk of evil in this country--voter suppression, lenient gun laws, education privatization, union busting, and the war on women (yes, there it is again!) among others.  People exposing them such as the awesome Center for Media and Democracy should keep the pressure on, as should all of you who appreciate freedom (real freedom, not the fake kind the GOP blabbers on about) and democracy.

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