Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Coming Into Focus

With each passing day this spring, it appears President Obama will square off against Mitt Romney in the general election in November. And it appears Obama is licking his chops, teeing up the ball high and getting out his best driver to crush the ball down the fairway.

You want to support Paul Ryan's radical, Medicare-killing budget, Mr. Romney? Good. Obama is now calling you out, because every time you say you are trying to save the middle class, your nose grows about a quarter of an inch, and you'll have a full-on Pinocchio thing going by November. Obama is genuinely trying to save the American middle class, while you and your party are all about the 1%, and America is becoming more aware of that by the day.

And the best part? Obama is going after Romney by name, chiding him for calling the budget "marvelous," and saying that it's weird for anyone to call a budget marvelous. Then he laughed and paused, before saying something like, "it's weird these days to use the word 'marvelous.'" Ha!

The GOP can babble all they want with their Frank Luntz talking points. Obama is armed with facts about his record, facts about the Ryan/Romney budget and how it won't work, and facts about how he plans to save the middle class if he gets another four years in office.

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