Thursday, August 18, 2011

Backpedaling in Ohio

Lately as GOP lawmakers face historic pushback for some of their overreaching with regard to union-busting, they are finding their approval ratings plummeting. In some instances, Republicans are being recalled from office as they were in Wisconsin last week. Of course, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker now claims to want to work with his democratic pals from across the aisle. And yesterday Ohio Governor John Kasich, perhaps on the heels of Wisconsin's elections, backpedaled on Senate Bill 5, the union busting bill he rammed through the legislature around the same time Walker rammed his through. Now Kasich, like Walker, wants to work things out with union bosses and state house democrats who pushed back with angry protests and then petition signatures which forced a November election vote on SB5.

My response to Walker and Kasich's backpedaling? Let them trip over their shoelaces. Those guys both had their chances to "negotiate in good faith," but instead took obnoxious stands that had the message of claiming fiscal responsibility and that this had to happen or else. I don't trust Walker to negotiate and I don't trust Kasich to do so either. I hope the people of Ohio leave that bill to a vote and defeat it as soundly as it appears will happen. Of course, you know the Koch brothers are going to pump millions of dollars into that election too.

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