Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Dark Day in Wisconsin. Or Is It?

I can't think of a better day to start this blog. Yesterday in Wisconsin, the GOP (which in my mind stands for Greed over People) won four of the six seats in the historic recall elections. That means that they barely hung on to a majority in the state senate, currently with a 17-16 majority. It's hard to stay positive, but there are a few observations to take away....

I just heard John Nichols from The Nation and from here in Madison on The Bill Press Show, and he reminded the guest host that Republican state senator Dale Schultz is a pro-labor guy who voted against Scott Walker's union busting bill back in March, and that we now have a 17-16 advantage as it relates to that. It's also encouraging that it came down to one race--Sandy Pasch vs. Alberta Darling in the Milwaukee suburbs (where once again county clerk and noted Walker cronie Kathy Nickolaus is being accused of tampering with votes), and Nichols also mentioned today that Walker's approval rating currently sits at 34 percent. And hey, we won two seats in very strong Republican districts.

But of course, the Koch Brothers and corporate special interests funneled a record $8 million into Darling's campaign, and if Walker is up for recall in January, you can bet they will spend maybe ten times that to try and keep their puppet in office. It's important then, that we progressives continue to fight on the ground and punch Walker's anti-union and anti-middle class agenda in the face. As with all Republicans and in particular the Tea Party, there is a common and concerted agenda to break unions, and to funnel more money and power from the bottom to the top, so that all that's left are a few kings and queens ruling us "peasants."

That's what they want, and it's not going to work, because our country was founded on democracy--and while they can try to take that away, ultimately they simply won't. I, for one, as this blog's description states, am going to punch back, and punch back hard.

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