Monday, August 29, 2011

When in Doubt, Blame the Prez

The Republicans have made it clear that they have one goal--to make Barack Obama a one-term president. I had a heated debate with a tea party fellow a few weeks ago, and this fellow kept telling me that both parties participate in political gamesmanship like this--driving voters away from the other guy, which includes but is not limited to re-districting, filibustering and doing things for political gain and not for the general welfare of the American people.

But here is the difference--liberals would never threaten to drive the economy off a cliff. Liberals would never sign a pledge with, say, a union boss, that puts said unions over the people they were elected to serve. Liberals would never ignore their own disapproval ratings and continue to say what they stand for is what the American people want even though they know that is a crock of shit. And most of all, even if the other party was occupying the White House, liberals would never disagree with everything the president does or says just to disagree.

The fact that Republicans want Obama out of office so bad, that they have to constantly resort to below-the-belt jabs and have such a wildly offensive disrespect for him should tell you all you need to know about Republicans. The hypocrisy is also maddening--for example, it's okay for George Bush to talk about terrorists and that we're gonna get those bastards yadda yadda yadda before saying, "Now watch this drive" and then hitting a tee shot. But if Obama is seen on the golf course at all, as he was in Martha's Vineyard last week, he's spending too much time golfing and not enough time working.

I could spend a week giving you examples of this, but instead I'll ask you to look ahead to next week. Obama will unveil his new program to create jobs, and it's expected to have a large infrastructure component--one that will require the government to spend a little to make a lot, and in the process make our crumbling bridges and broken highways better and safer. And the Republicans will block it--claiming that we shouldn't be spending at all in this economy, and instead we should just keep giving more to rich people who "create jobs." But really what they will be doing is not allowing Obama to have any level of success whatsoever, especially success at giving the economy the shot in the arm it desperately needs.

So get your popcorn ready, America--next week will continue to show us why the Republican party is so very dangerous to us all.

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