Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How Much Fight?

That's the question today. How much fight do you have in you?

Right now, there are occupations of Wall Street and also many other city hubs around the country. The 99 percent are pissed that the 1 percent have all the cash and control, and it's high time we started taking it back.

I feel like occupying Wall Street is the beginning of a real American Revolution--not like the one where we took our country from the British. The one in which we take it back from the radical right wing that threatens to turn our country into a corporatocracy--or, as they and the idiots at Fox News would want, a country in which we have a king and we all bow down to him.

EHHHHH. Wrong answer, Bill O'Reilly. Wrong answer, Rush Limbaugh. Wrong Answer, Hannity. Wrong answer Cantor, Boehner, McConnell, Paul, Bachmann, Walsh, Gomer, Perry, Romney, Walker, Scott, DeMint....need I go on? Hey righties, that EHHHHHHHH you just heard is the buzzer. It's not real loud right now, but it's getting louder as we organize. We're coming for you.....not to hurt you physically, but to silence you and take back what is rightfully ours.

Me personally? I'm not on Wall Street yet. But I'm fighting by writing and spreading the word. We can't give up our democracy quietly, but that's what those righties are trying to do.

So how much fight do you have?

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