Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Heartless Bastards

Thank goodness for smart pundits like Rachel Maddow, who pointed out last night that while on Monday night the Senate filibustered Harry Reid's bill to increase funding for FEMA, they passed it 61-38 last night. Rachel then listed the Republicans who voted no, all 38 of them. I froze the frame and noticed, among others, that my senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin voted no. So did Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and Jim DeMint. And on and on.

I thank Rachel, because today you can't find this story in the mainstream media. Instead, it's all about how the GOP took back Anthony Weiner's House seat, and how it spells doom for Obama.

Really, that's what you're going with?

Well, two things....first of all, Johnson and his scumbag cohorts in the tea party are heartless, that's not strong enough. They are heartless pricks who would rather give more tax breaks to the rich, big oil and Wall Street than help those in need in our country. And they continue to obstruct Obama's very reasonable and affordable jobs plan too--the one that includes repairing a bridge from Indiana to Kentucky. McConnell was calling Obama's plan political campaigning and the same old, same old, right as the bridge so many of his constituents use every day is indefinitely shut down until repairs can be done.

But that wasn't the other thing. The other thing is that this disaster relief bill has to pass the House, and it won't, because there are all of those obstructionist tea party douchebags there too. The ones that represent those other heartless pricks who applauded executions and death at the last two GOP debates. These are twisted people we're talking about, and even more twisted politicians who represent them and who, even more frightening, aspire to be our president.

These are scary times, people. Look up fascism. There, I just did it for you. This is where the Republicans, led by the tea party, the Kochs, ALEC and a whole bunch of federal and state legislators, are trying to take this country. Democracy is under assault, and we must fight back to protect it.Link

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