Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Scary Stuff

A week after New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made fans of some on the left when he talked boldly toward FEMA about the help those in his state needed after Hurricane Irene, he's back in the news for the wrong reasons. Brad Friedman of Brad Blog once again proved that he is one of the best investigative journalists out there, and I'm glad he bats for our team. Brad uncovered some dirt that Christie's staff wanted no part of, and that is that he was the keynote speaker at the Koch brothers' Colorado right wing gathering in June.

This is some scary shit--basically that once behind closed doors with no fear of who might be listening through the walls (and some even scarier truths about how pink noise was piped in to protect against this), Christie bragged about some of the things he's done to benefit the right wing agenda of those who are bankrolling him. He's like Tony Soprano in a legislative position. And I'm telling you guys, this is going to get ugly the more the people of New Jersey read about it.

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