Monday, September 26, 2011

They Are All Liars

The GOP all have their talking points--the president and the administration are spending money and are so reckless that it's killing the economy. They may have slightly different variations of rhetoric, but for the most part they try to compare notes and say the same things. Their message is primarily that more taxes kill economic growth, that we need to have free enterprise with little or no regulation, and that cutting taxes for the rich creates jobs. And they are prepared to block Obama's jobs bill because Obama wants the wealthy to pay up a little. They also are prepared to block funding for FEMA that is needed for victims of Hurricane Irene and of recent wildfires and tornadoes, unless there are spending cuts.

Yesterday on "Up with Chris Hayes" on MSNBC, Hayes and Ezra Klein from the Washington Post grilled representative Tom Graves from Georgia about why he'd want to cut a large sum of money from a green vehicle initiative that would wind up killing jobs in Michigan in order to fund FEMA some more. So on the one hand, he says the administration cannot create jobs, and on the other, he's proposing cuts to kill jobs. This is a sickness that the Republican party is infiltrated with, and it's a sickening sickness at that. When they say they don't agree with Obama and his administration and that their way is best and they will, dammit, cut cut cut--they are lying through their teeth that it will "create jobs," because they know damn well they just want Obama to fail, and that they plan to keep lining the pockets of their wealthy friends and/or campaign contributors.

So you Republicans might know this phrase, because one of you said it out loud at a State of the Union Address a few years ago--"YOU LIE." And you know it.

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